HITOSHIZUKU x YAMA△ (hereinafter referred to as "Our Part") handles the personal information of all users of our smartphone application "Café Twilight" (hereinafter referred to as "the Application") (hereinafter referred to as "Users"), or any information equivalent thereto, in the following manner.

Management of personal information

Our Part will not provide the User's information collected through this Application to any third party, and will take the utmost care not to identify any individual, and will handle such information within the scope of the appropriate purpose of use.

Collection of personal information

1.In order for users to share the results of this application on SNS, the application may ask for permission to use the camera. The handling of personal information about the posts shall be in accordance with the privacy policy of each SNS provider.
2.This application may automatically acquire user information through Unity Ads for the purpose of distributing advertisements that are appropriate for the user and measuring the effectiveness of ad placement.
3.This application collects in-app purchase information through the Unity IAP for the purpose of researching user trends and responding to inquiries.
Please refer to the following link for further information about the information we obtain, the purpose of use, and the provision of information to third parties.

Provider:Unity Technologies, Inc

Provider:Twitter, Inc.

Provider:Line, Inc.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Application will comply with Japanese laws and regulations and other norms applicable to personal information, and will review and improve the contents of this Privacy Policy from time to time.

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